20 May


Hola. I am Ceylan. I am volunteer of Casa Eslava. I was in Pamplona almost one week ago because of on arrival trainig and I want to share something with you about training and my Pamplona impression. Arrival training was organized by National Agency of the country and some partner organization. This training is providing some informations to the volunteer about rules and general lifestyle of project country and basic things about EVS. It also included basic Spanish course, personal development session, insurance training. Sessions were so fun because it contained active participants can attend games. Our trainers were very kind and we had a great group of people.

IMG_3881 IMG_3914 IMG_3727

We were so lucky because our training was in Pamplona:))Pamplona is amazing city. It is capital city of Navarre. It has a lot of parks and natural sights. There is a park called La Ciudadela and It looks like a star shape from the sky. And the most famous festival in the Pamplona is Running Of The Bulls or  ‘San Fermin’. It is held in honor of San Fermin. This event involves hundreds of people running in front of the six bulls. It must be exciting:)Even there is a monument for dead people. Besides that we tried pinchos that are some meat and vegatables on small bread. It ıs very famous in there and ıt was so delicious. You should  try it with small glass of beer:)

11297544_882006945178188_1261603129_o 11273803_882006691844880_604702374_o

It was an amazing week for us with new friends and new city. See you Sant Fermin :))))

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