Who are Casa Eslava volunteers!?

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Burçak Appa; Burçak is 25 years old. She is from İzmir, Turkey. She is a volunteer at Casa Eslava for three month. She graduated from Ege University department of Radio,Cinema and Television. Her role in the project sending young people to Evs Project also taking photo and video for Casa Eslava and blog. She loves travelling,art, photography and fashion. She likes discover new thing, new cities and meet new people.

Ekran Resmi 2015-04-29 13.24.37Çilem Gül Bozdemir; Çilem is 27 years old. She’s from İstanbul, Turkey. She is a volunteer at Casa Eslava for three months. She graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Art University department of Sociology also Istanbul University department of Economics. She’s researching  potential volunteer for sending also she helps create new youth project. She’s interesting about catalan culture. She likes art event, music concert, traveling with backpack and reading novel..She is working about women’s history and cinema. She believe one day we will create new world without discrimination for freedom women and everyone.

göksan Göksan Kahraman; Göksan  is 23 years old and he’s from Ordu, TUrkey. He is a volunteer at Casa Eslava for three months. He studies at Ege University the department of International Relation and Politics in Izmir, also he is the prezitent of AEGEE, Izmir. His project name is “Do you want to win Heart! with volunteerism”. His role is to write project, and Göksan wrote a project about Europe for citizens. Göksan has a passion for cooking, he makes great reciepes and his motto is “Enjoy your youth you will never be younger; you are at this very momeny”. Another passion if for music, his favorite is classical. He also plays some instruments. Other hobbies that he loves are: running, swimming, archery, martial arts and puzzles. In the future he wants to work in International environment.


 Ceyhan Tarhan; Ceylan  is 25 years old. She is from ankara. She is volunteer in casa eslava for 10 months. She graduated from sakarya university intrnational rel and politics. She is writing project for youth in casa aslava . Now she is working about gender eguality . She loves travelling watching mowie and reading interesting books. She has a dream about travelling all over the world and work for youth.


Sylvie Charbonnier; Sylvie is 25 years old. She comes from Italy. She is doing an internship in Casa Eslava thanks to the Leonardo Program. Last year she graduated in sociology and know she is thinking about her future. She loves traveling and meet knew people. She recommends: “Live abroad if you want to open your mind!”.

bengisu Bengisu Baydar; Bengisu is a 22-year-old Turkish citizen who has come to Barcelona to as an EVS volunteer at Asociacion Casa Eslava. She is a graduate of English Language and Literature and works as an EVS Assistant at the organization. Her main interests include linguistics, conflict resolution, and travelling. She believes everyone can find the awesomeness within.


Elif Kara; Elif  is 23 years old and she’s from Antalya, Turkey. She’s a volunteer at Casa Eslava for ten months in a project called “Spanish and Turkish hand by hand”. Elif graduated from Hacettepe University the departure of French Language and Literature. Her role in the project is sending young people in EVS projects. She loves photography and she likes learning new things.  She is learning photoshop and video editing. Her big passion is the sky and the secrets it holds. Her dream is to travel to exotic places and experience the beauty of life.


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